Will Other Colleges Provide On-Campus Healthcare?

More and more colleges are beefing up or beginning to provide career counseling that’s specialized to veterans . . . and that’s great. But veterans have needs that exist right here and now, including medical care. Think of the unique medical problems so many veterans have: unusual wounds, amputations, PTSD and other mental health issues. Then, imagine the average college health center, with no MD on site and nobody trained to deal with veterans’ health issues. Without needed health care, veterans would be forced to either leave class to seek treatment at a VA hospital or drop out of school altogether.

According to PBS.org, more than a million Iraq and Afghanistan vets have used the G.I. Bill to pursue a college degree. Now, there’s at least one school that’s really committed to seeing that vets get everything they need to stay the course: City College of San Francisco. According to the San Francisco division of the VA, “San Francisco VAMC mental health and outreach staff are on-site five days per week to provide enrollment and mental health counseling services. The VA office is in a suite of offices with GI bill counselors and next door to the Veterans lounge, a place where Veterans can relax and also provide and obtain support from one another. CCSF estimates there are nearly 900 Veteran students currently enrolled.”

However, Aaron Glantz reported for PBS that “In May, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office issued a report saying the agency isn’t doing enough to back up its $10 billion investment in veterans’ education. The report said that colleges were working without any guidance or assistance from the VA. And the Center for Investigative Reporting found that at 150 colleges with the largest numbers of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran students, the VA provides services at just four.”


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