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Your company can become the Ultimate Driving Force for this Initiative

Be “THE SPONSOR” of GI Money for 12 months


Here’s what you’ll get:


>> Exclusive sponsorship of the FRONT COVER

>> “Sponsored by,” company name or company logo, in four consecutive magazines (Top-right corner placement)

>> Company name (or logo) integration into 4 issues (12 months) Table of Contents page (print)

>> One full-page sponsorship Ad page in each issue of GI Money Magazine (for a total of 4 full-page ads)

>> Premium Ad placement ( Inside-front cover or Inside-back cover )

>> 1 page of Editorial / Advertorial Content will be available in 4 consecutive issues for provided articles and information (print)

>> Sponsorship of a customized magazine department (e.g. “sponsored by,” company name, and company logo in four quarterly magazines)

>> Bulk Mailing of magazine issues to destination of your choice (TBD)



>> Exclusive sponsorship Leaderboard Ad in the GI Money Website landing page: www.gimoney.com

>> “Sponsored by,” <company name> or company logo with link)

>> One sponsorship banner ad in a GI Money Website blog page: 300 x 250 pixel banner

>> Above-the-fold placement and appears on All blog posts

>> Main-page sponsorship of a customized Website channel (e.g. “sponsored by,” company name, company logo, and link)


MULTIMEDIA (Audio & Video)

>> The publication of at least 12 company-branded videos on GI Money Website’s Video Channel and distribution through Youtube Channel

>> “Sponsored by”
 <company name> or company logo will appear on footer of every answered e-mail message for 12 months

>> “Sponsored by,”
 <company name> or company logo inclusion in all media campaigns and press releases, including print and Internet for 12 months

>> 3 pages of editorial / advertorial content will be available in 4 consecutive issues for company provided articles and information (print)

>> 12 months of promotional opportunities through any of GI Money’s social media channels including: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (coming in Dec.)

>> (5) 1-minute Audio podcasts produced and edited for Sponsor and then broadcast via Armed Forces Radio Network for 10 days.

  • Hosted and available on GI Money website
  • Text version article companion creation
  • Uploaded to syndication for wider distribution
  • Subject to availability


In return, we are seeking funding to assist us in the production and shipping of GI Money Magazine, to be distributed at no cost, four times annually to military personnel and their families at installations in the United States and around the world. Launched in 2010, GI Money provides an authoritative financial resource for the families of those serving in America’s armed forces.


This support will help offset our production and distribution expenses for this program. GI Money’s total military-based initiatives cost more than $200,000 per year.

If your budget is constrained, but you want to help, look over these less expensive but equally important Sponsorship options.