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In this challenging job market, you may want to rethink your strategy. Consider tapping into social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter that offer access to some jobs that are never officially advertised. Read about some Twitter job search tactics to keep you in the game.

Tweet Power

Twitter is a great way to tap unseen job opportunities. A micro-blogging site, it allows users to “tweet” 140-character messages. Twitter has become the place to post otherwise unpublished job openings, “especially when a company needs to hire very quickly,” says Lauren Young, whose company, Freshly Baked Communications, leads social media seminars in Chicago.

Twitter To Do List:

  • For a basic job search, simply type in keywords for job skills, position, location — or company name at Twitter’s homepage, using the hash tag symbol, #, before key terms. This will fetch the most relevant results.
  • Pick a professional Twitter handle, enter a brief business and personal bio and upload a photo. Then, tweet 20 or 30 times before you begin to follow others.
  • Begin “following” some executives or employees at target companies. Reply to their posts with your own comments and a few astute observations may get you on that person’s radar.
  • As with LinkedIn, begin building a relationship with a private message to inquire about the company.

Career Building with Blogging

Many professionals have succeeded in building their networks and reputation through blogging, but this is not a strategy to take lightly. It takes vision, time and commitment to maintain a blog. Done properly, it can raise your influence and visibility in your field. But if you fail to create the right voice or do not dedicate time developing content on a regular basis, it can send the signal that you do not follow through on your commitments.

Offer thoughtful insights on industry news, post links to interesting and pertinent information and think about what will make people take notice.

  • Create new content. “When posting industry news, for example, at least add your opinion or other original commentary,” Young says.
  • Link your Twitter profile, blog and LinkedIn account together, and be sure to include the web addresses on your resume.
  • Watch for local professional events that will allow you to meet new peers. Instead of carrying your resume to these events, consider a computer-printed business card that includes your contact info and the web address of your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t Wait

Finally, be sure to build a professional network on social media before you need it. If you wait until you lose your job before you begin to build your network, you’ll be behind the eight ball when it comes to networking for a new position.

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