Driving Risks to Returning Troops

America’s military troops who are surviving the hazards of foreign battlefields are returning only to find new driving risks on domestic roadways. According to a just-released study by USAA, troops coming off deployment had 13% more ...

Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

As U.S. troops return home from Iraq, a new report from the Pew Research Center suggests they may have a tough time readjusting to civilian life, though religion seems to help buffer the struggle.

Veterans Transition into Tech Jobs

As US troops return home from Iraq and Afghanistan, what sorts of jobs are they well-trained for and likely to find? Technology jobs top the list, according to PayScale’s research.

Mission Your Money: Tips To Start Your Civilian Career

If you’ve decided it’s time to leave the military and enter the civilian work world, you should be ready to hit the pavement running. And, starting to look months before you end your military service. In this era of high ...

Tips to Optimize Your Civilian Résumé

You fought for your country. You should not have to fight to get a job. The competition is as strong as it has ever been. Learn how to enlist your military experience to get a leg up. Here’s how.

Military to Civilian Budget Checklist

When nearing Military Retirement, consider some of these items for a smooth and successful transition. You also need to consider costs for items like rent or a home mortgage payment.

6 Tips for Going Civilian

The term “life event” often conjures up images of wedding dresses, binkies and diapers or even sailboats that will carry you through the golden years to exotic locales. But here’s another life event that may not be as obvious: ...