Beware of These 5 Tax Season Scams

As the April 15 tax deadline draws near, swindlers are thinking of the best ways to defraud you of your hard-earned cash. Be vigilant and don’t fall for any tax-season scams. Here are five common ones: 1. The Early Refund Promise Scam ...

Phony Charities Target Veterans

A Florida NBC affiliate investigated local and national charities target veterans, finding that of the approximately 1,900 veteran charities, many are merely targeting veterans for scams. It’s not how much money the organization raises millions ...

Senior Targets

What kind of thug targets seniors? Crooks and scam artists look for easy victims and quick payoffs. Here’s what they believe about older American:

Prevent Elderly Fraud, Scams

Tips for Avoiding a Scam Elder fraud can be particularly tough on servicemembers or anyone physically separated from an aging family member. Whether you’re near or far from a vulnerable loved one, share these tips for avoiding a scam:

Senior Citizen Fraud Alert

Spotting a Thief Who is Close to the Victim A trusted person may be forging checks, using credit cards without permission, using a senior’s good credit to take out loans, adding themselves to