375 Years of The National Guard

In 1636, no one had even imagined a United States of America. The English were still relative newcomers to the continent. And George Washington wouldn’t be born for nearly 100 years. There was no Army, Navy or Marines.

The Homecoming Shopping Spree

Thousands of military members in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning soon. They’ll likely come home to a new financial reality.

Vietnam Veterans of America Gains a New Ally, USAA

USAA and Vietnam Veterans of America — two national military-focused organizations — have joined forces to strengthen support to those who served, giving 114,000 VVA members access to USAA’s world-class insurance and financial services.

Two Account Names Are Better Than One, When Deployed

Access Granted Being called away is an everyday thing when you serve in the military. When you’re away during deployment, it may make sense to add the name of your spouse, adult children or a trusted family member on all financial ...