5 Common Cyber-Threats (and How to Fight Back)

High-tech threats are everywhere, from the data breaches at retail stores to the latest Internet virus that’s dominating the nightly news. But a little knowledge and common sense can go a long way toward helping protect you from identity ...

Phony Charities Target Veterans

A Florida NBC affiliate investigated local and national charities target veterans, finding that of the approximately 1,900 veteran charities, many are merely targeting veterans for scams. It’s not how much money the organization raises millions ...

6 Online Security Strategies

If you show up at Gordon Snow’s home and need to check your email, don’t expect to jump on his computer or Wi-Fi network. He’ll want a scan of your computer first. And sharing his password with you? Forget about it.

Top 13 Online Scams

As the world gets increasingly mobile, so do the crooks looking to take advantage of you. They’re everywhere: on your computer, at the cash machine, even lurking on your phone. “Today’s consumer needs to be more vigilant than ...

Identity Theft Protection Tips: Finding Fraud

Your credit report isn’t the only place you should look for signs of fraud. It’s a great place to start when it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft. But there are other reports that track-and-tell about your personal ...

Senior Targets

What kind of thug targets seniors? Crooks and scam artists look for easy victims and quick payoffs. Here’s what they believe about older American:

Prevent Elderly Fraud, Scams

Tips for Avoiding a Scam Elder fraud can be particularly tough on servicemembers or anyone physically separated from an aging family member. Whether you’re near or far from a vulnerable loved one, share these tips for avoiding a scam: