Discussing a Million Dollar Plan

While some millionaires were born, and others have quick-picked their way to riches, many more have started with less and worked their way to seven-figure status. Effective money-saving habits can help boost your wealth little by little, year ...

Dave Says: Why Not to Cash Out

Is it a good idea for a married couple in their early thirties, who have a lot of student loan debt, to cash out one of their 401(k)s to pay it off? Marcy Dear Marcy, No way! You never cash out a 401(k) or IRA to pay off debt, unless it’s to ...

Better Deals on Tax Breaks

Wider availability of Roth retirement accounts means you may be wrestling with this important question: Is it better to pay taxes now or later when I’m in retirement?

Tweak Your Dollars With Market Maneuvers

6 strategies to help you stay focused on your 401(k) plan and long-term goals. If this year’s up-and-down stock market has you feeling uncertain about your 401(k) or IRA — and wondering what you should be doing with it — you’re not alone.

Enjoy Your Home Now and Enjoy It Later

Age in place – preserve your home now for the later years. Americans are remaining at home in their later years. Whether you’re retirement-age or you have aging parents, critical decisions need to be made daily. Read on for insights to ...

Where to Go…and Not Go, When You Need Money

If you’re pondering places to drum up cash, some moves are smarter than others. Digging in the wrong spots can have serious long-term consequences. Use this guide to know where you can safely find extra funds and still protect your finances.