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Veterans Need Our Help With Their Next Mission

rotc collegeWe increase the chances for veteran success in their higher education pursuits through vast resources offered to our veterans including mentoring, tutoring, networking and career opportunities. We offer tips and ideas for veterans to learn more about managing their finances and avoid some pitfalls that could affect their hard-earned benefits.

G.I. Money Print Magazine is available in all the key points of contact to the military community. The center of this distribution effort needs include: military installations, medical facilities, commissaries, support centers, military clubs, libraries, colleges & universities and many other recreational areas.

G.I. Money was created as a resource, to help Veterans enjoy a quality life which we owe them, after fighting for our nation. We specialize in personal finance, entrepreneurship, career-planning and education.

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Supporting those who support us. GI Money provides educational content to Active-duty men & women, Veterans and Military Families.
We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which means your support is tax-deductible.

Full Transparency – Where your support goes & our costs:

  • $5.75 to ship 10 issues
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  • $1,250.00 to produce & publish every 1000 issues (per quarter)
  • $25,000 to cover costs for: editing, writing, designing and printing of 20,000 issues (quarterly)