July 4th: A Day to Celebrate Freedom

Take a trip around America and experience its colorful mosaic of cultures, beliefs and historic struggles. It becomes clear that, on July 4th, its people celebrate not only the birth of a nation, but also everything its creation has made possible.

They celebrate the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They celebrate freedom of speech, women’s suffrage, civil rights, religious tolerance and other hard-fought victories that have pulled at the fabric of the nation, yet have ultimately made it stronger.

Indeed, freedom means different things to different people.

An Example to the World

The ideals set in motion by the Founding Fathers 237 years ago continue to inspire people worldwide.

For generations of immigrants, America has represented the ultimate symbol of hope and prosperity. People come to our borders seeking opportunities — to break free from poverty, to escape social or religious persecution, to get an education and, perhaps one day, to have a say in the laws of the land. They dream the American dream not only for themselves, but also for the generations that will follow them.

Often, even those who remain in their homelands look to the United States as a model for justice. They find the conviction to rise up against tyranny and pursue the very same freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for so long. Many times, U.S. military forces fight alongside them, working not only to preserve our freedoms at home but also to propagate the seeds of democracy wherever they might grow.

The Birth of the U.S.

On July Fourth, we commemorate the day when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. With that act, the Founding Fathers formally proclaimed the 13 Colonies’ separation from Great Britain and gave birth to the United States.

To be sure, America is not perfect. But Americans have a voice, the power to lead by example and the right to stand up for what they believe. That in itself is worthy of a spectacular celebration.


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