Identity Theft Protection Tips: Finding Fraud

Your credit report isn’t the only place you should look for signs of fraud. It’s a great place to start when it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft. But there are other reports that track-and-tell about your personal info, too. Here are some other potential hiding spots that could indicate trouble:

LexisNexis Full File Disclosure: this report is big and includes results from a public-records search, shows auto and homeowners insurance claims, shows pre-employment background checks, a report on shoplifting convictions, national criminal-records search results, and your address history. Go to to access your personal file.

Annual Statement of Medical Benefits: this report shows your record of health-insurance claims and medical treatment. Ask your insurer for a copy.

Prescription Drug History: displays details about prescriptions you’ve used over the last five years. Request a copy from two providers, Intelliscript and Medpoint.

Checking Account reports: mishandled and overdrawn checking accounts are reported by Chex Systems and TeleCheck. Go to and to order both of these consumer reports, too.

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