From Standard-issue to Weekend-cool

Military-inspired fashion for everyday use

Who hasn’t owned a camouflage shirt at some point?
Maybe you already have a pair of olive green cargo pants?
Military uniforms are designed for functionality in the field, but how about for use during the weekend?

A typical uniform is an ensemble of parts such as:
• practical pants
• environment-specific colors
• rugged boots
• id tags and
• head gear

Through the years most of these items mentioned have appeared at retails stores. You might think of a Halloween costume, but the truth is that it’s much more than that. Some retailers have an upscale line of diamond-crested dog tags for prices that most can’t afford to pay with an E3’s salary.

Where to buy
A more cost-effective option is to buy one of the many versions of the military-styled button-up shirts available at stores such as:
• Expo
• Target
• Macy’s

These shirts come in many colors and styles.
They are easily identified by:
• front buttons
• short sleeves and
• shoulder lapels.

Let’s talk about pants. Cargo pants are a commonly found item in most clothing stores.
These normally have:
• multiple pockets
• large pockets for storage
• loose or baggy fit

The prices range from $35 to over $100.
The colors tend to be earthy tones such as tan, olive and brown.

You shouldn’t walk around in bare feet. So how about foot protection? Boots, steel-toe bullet-stoppers. Civs (civilians) don’t have to be concerned with steel and hardened leather too often, except when traveling through airports. Darn those pesky metal and leather detectors. This detail doesn’t stop designers from making them anyway.

Gone are the days of buying that “military look” exclusively at a Army-Navy thrift stores. So what are you waiting for?

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