Congressman Accused of Sexually Harassing Veterans

Mayor of San Diego, former Congressman Bob Filner accused of sexually harassing veterans.

On one hand, there are two women vets and a nurse taking care of a female vet who served in Iraq, all of who answered their country’s call to duty. On the other hand is Bob Filner, the current Mayor of San Francisco and former 10 term Congressman, who served as chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. According to CBS News, Filner cast himself as a champion of female veterans, introducing legislation to establish a “bill of rights” for women who have served in the military. During a 2010 hearing on treatment for women at VA hospitals, Filner stressed the importance of having doctors who don’t overlook the fact that women serve in combat. “If a woman feels disrespected like that, she’s not going to seek the care she deserves,” he said.

The allegations are that Filner has used his contacts and position to sexually harass women asking for his help in obtaining earned VA benefits. Each week, more women have come forth with claims.


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