Better Deals on Tax Breaks

Wider availability of Roth retirement accounts means you may be wrestling with this important question: Is it better to pay taxes now or later when I’m in retirement?

Tax Tips for Two-State Residents

Let’s face it — the American tax system isn’t known for its simplicity. And the confusion factor just climbs higher when you lived or worked in more than one state during the year.

5 Tax Tips For Tough Situations

Your returns may be relatively uncomplicated — but sometimes new circumstances can make tax preparation a bit trickier. Follow these tips to avoid making mistakes.

13 Top Income Tax Deductions

Life is expensive and already complicated enough. Here are some tips to assist with income taxes. So, before tackling your tax return, brush up on these deductions that could cut your tax bill and keep more money in your family’s pocket.

Use Child Tax Credit for Tax Savings

Now, here’s a real tax savings to the individual taxpayer with dependents. The child tax credit is a direct federal income tax credit based on the number of dependent children in your family. This federal tax credit is available to provide ...

Get to Know Your IRAs

  If you’re ready to start saving for your future using an individual retirement account, you’re in good company. According to the Investment Company Institute, Americans held more than $4 trillion in IRAs as of March 31, 2010.