Tips To Make Your Home Earthquake Ready

Earthquakes are not just for the West Coast Many people may think earthquakes are limited to California and Alaska, but the reality is that anyone west of the Rockies and even parts of the East Coast are in an earthquake zone.

Weather Warning: Hurricane Irene

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – The base commander has ordered the base to assume Destructive Weather Condition III due to expected destructive weather impacts from Hurricane Irene. During DWC III, a destructive weather system with sustained winds of ...

Storm Damage Tax Reductions

If your home or property has been damaged or destroyed by a storm, have your real estate re-assessed. You might be eligible to pay less on your taxes.

August Home Maintenance Tips

Say No to Mold Check for damp walls or carpets. Replace washing machine hoses with durable steel hoses. When leaving your home for an extended time, turn off the water and drain the pipes.

Enjoy Your Home Now and Enjoy It Later

Age in place – preserve your home now for the later years. Americans are remaining at home in their later years. Whether you’re retirement-age or you have aging parents, critical decisions need to be made daily. Read on for insights to ...