Dave Says: Bad Boat Deal

The other day, a guy offered me $2,000 cash and a boat for the bike. I’ve always really wanted a boat, but I’m not sure this is the time.

Dave Says: Student Loans & Wedding Planning

Dave Says – July 15, 2012 My niece and her boyfriend have tons of student loan debt. The idea of all this debt hanging over their heads bothers her. Do you have any advice on how she can come to peace with the situation? Our parents don’t want ...

Dave Says: No Emergency Fund & Impulsiveness

Dave Says – July 9, 2012 I want to use $40,000 of our savings to pay down the house then rebuild our emergency fund. What do you think? In your mind, how do we know the difference between being financially responsible and relying on God to provide?

Dave Says: Manhood and Adult Kids

Dave Says – July 2, 2012 I think [our son] should continue to live at home and save up more money. What do you think? Should we sell [our policies] in order to help pay down our debt?

Dave Says: The Economy and Giving

Dave Says – June 25, 2012 Is the current down economy a cyclical thing and just part of life? Can you give us some advice on how to establish giving guidelines?