Business Spotlight: Washboard Company Cleans-up Our Troops

Logan, Ohio is home for the Columbus Washboard Factory. Columbus used to be the epicenter for washboard production in the world, before the Chinese started making cheaper, inferior products. Some of us may even remember grandmothers who used these sturdy devices to scrub clothes clean, by hand. While we may have forgotten their practicality in today’s electronic and automated society, this washing machine still provides a much-needed service.

Our troops serving overseas often lack the luxury of using an “add soap and go” electric washing machine. Active duty troops’ clothes and gear get too dirty to toss into a machine and expect to come out ready for another day’s campaign. Can you remember your mom yelling at you not to put your muddy clothes straight into the washer? Maybe not, but there was a time when… never mind.

These washboards are just right for our hard working military. Well-constructed and built in America, these washboards are made of quality hardwoods, the sturdy kind.

American soldiers have a friend in British native James Martin. He was so disgusted at seeing the proliferation of Chinese washboards and the lack of the “good old fashioned American ones” on the market, that he moved to Ohio and took the reins of a company, in business since 1895. GI Money was honored to have been able to personally visit the factory for this exclusive story of import to our troops.

This company and its staff have been supporting US troops with washboards since 2004. Loved ones can order kits to be sent, at cost only. If military families don’t have the money to send a kit, Columbus Washboard Company maintains a fund to cover that expense, too. Everyone is invited to support this initiative here.

Over 4,000 washboard kits have been sent to US active military deployed overseas. These kits are sold at cost of $25.00, including shipping. This part of an ongoing troop fund to enable deployed personnel the ability to do their laundry when no laundry facilities exist. Clean “work clothes” is one of those little details that needs handling in order for our military get the job done. That’s why this troop fund allows for families who are unable to purchase the kit online the ability have a kit delivered to their spouse or loved one. This fund also accepts support form anyone interested in helping our troops on the ground, and in harm’s way.

Each Troop Kit contains:

  • one washboard (#2033-F)
  • one washtub
  • clothesline with clothespins
  • 3 bars of Ivory soap, and most importantly,
  • instructions on how to use a washboard.

If you’re ever near Logan between May & October, pay this organization a visit.

  • Active Military (with ID) can tour the company for FREE.

Tour Times:

  • Monday – Friday 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm
  • Saturday 11:30 am & 1:00 pm

We at GI Money like to hear about groups and organizations that support our military families and Veterans. If you know of any in your town, contact Javier Rodriguez or Tamar Fleishman so that we can spread the word about them in business spotlight. You can also send us pictures and video so we can post it on our Facebook page.



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