Air Force Birthday

The power of flight has transformed America’s national defense. Consider how far our military has come since the turn of the 20th century. At the time, airships and balloons were at the forefront of aerial technology. Then the airplane came along and changed everything.

A little more than 100 years later, America dominates the sky. At our disposal is an armada of sophisticated fighter, bomber, cargo and research planes, and the latest helicopters and tiltrotors, many armed with technologically superior weapons. Increasingly, dangerous missions are flown by unmanned aircraft. And futuristic space planes move at incredible speeds and orbit thousands of miles above Earth.

Such rapid innovation is owed in part to the relentless work of the U.S. Air Force. As America’s primary flying force marks its 66th birthday Sept. 18, we at USAA celebrate its astounding achievements.

Aim High … Fly — Fight — Win

More than the machines they control, people are the power of the Air Force. Fearless airmen have flown in the face of danger through nearly every American conflict since the dawn of powered flight. Except for the most spectacular missions, most Air Force contributions go unnoticed. The Air Force carries out hundreds of vital missions, gathering information, supporting troops on foot and securing our skies at home.

While soaring jets capture the imagination, thousands of airmen on the ground make success in the air possible. Their diverse skills and experience ensure that the United States is always vigilant and can respond anywhere.

Fight of the Future

As the threats to freedom have grown and altered, the Air Force always has led the U.S. military into the next era of defense — in the air, in space and in cyberspace.

Its evolving mission is as much about airwaves as airplanes. The Air Force Space Command keeps watch via orbiting satellites and space-based radar. And “cyberwarriors” prevent dangerous attacks from weaponized computer networks.

Only 66 years after the birth of the Air Force, airmen rise to the challenge of a constantly changing call to serve their country. As they do, USAA will be there to serve them.


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