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GI Money is a brand dedicated to provide high-level educational media for service members and their families. GI Money  launched in 2010 as an ever-growing print and digital media source, providing solutions for everyday problems that currently hinder the effectiveness of our troops. GI Money will develop into a family of various media products designed to deliver first class content in support of the unique challenges faced by today’s military family.

We are veterans, editors, professional finance writers, attorneys, military spouses, out-of-the-box graphic design artists and some of us are a little of each! We are a “dream team” that other top magazines wish they could entice to their publications. How do we know? For many years, we worked for them. We honed our craft. We learned about print and web marketing. We networked like crazy and we have tight connections.

Products & Services

GI Money, LLC (gimoney.com) strives to be the leading and authoritative resource on financial matters for the military audience. Within the next 12 months, GI Money will produce and distribute high-quality print, online and interactive educational materials to active military men & women, retired vets and their families. These efforts will be developed through sponsorships, strategic partnerships and advertising opportunities throughout the various publishing products. Some materials in development include:

  1. Articles and multimedia content
  2. Print publications
  3. Weekly E-newsletters
  4. Audio minutes
  5. Video podcasts
  6. E-learning courses
  7. Educational print guides

Our Audience

Military readers deserve financial information and planning tools designed with their unique needs in mind. We will meet our soldiers needs. GI Money provides content addressing important topics such as:

The timing is right for starting this new venture. Awareness about our soldiers challenges at home is playing a larger role in our lives as Americans. We, at GI Money, choose to provide them with support in the hopes of helping them enjoy better lives in return for the sacrifices they have made defending our great nation.

The timing is right for supporting those men, women and families that defend our nation. Awareness about our soldiers challenges at home is playing a larger role in our lives as Americans. We at GI Money choose to provide them with support.

Editorial Specialties:

If you are interested in getting involved in supporting this initiative contact:

Sponsorships & Advertising

Javier Rodriguez
C: 407 666 7559
E: javier.rodriguez@gimoney.com