6 Super Steps to Prepping Your Mobile Devices for a Storm


As you prepare your home and take safety precautions before severe weather approaches, don’t forget to make your mobile devices storm-ready.

A natural disaster or extreme weather can disrupt communication channels. In such a chaotic situation, your smartphones and tablets can be essential to keeping in touch with family and staying updated on response and recovery efforts.

USAA offers these tips to help make your mobile devices storm-ready:

Create a texting phone tree. Organize a network of contacts so you can reach them quickly. In the aftermath of extreme weather or a natural disaster, texting may be the only available form of communication.

Set up emergency text alerts. Access to television or radio could be limited. By setting up emergency text alerts with your local governments, you can increase the chances of staying connected wherever you end up.

Use mobile banking apps. Having easy access to your funds can save a lot of headaches in the aftermath of a storm.

Download emergency service apps. Emergency service apps give you access to important resources, such as the American Red Cross.

Purchase a car phone charger and spare battery. If power is out for an extended period, your car can be a valuable source of energy for your mobile devices.

Make sure your apps are updated. Periodically check emergency-related mobile apps to make sure they’re up-to-date and functioning. Test them again when you receive news that a storm may be approaching.


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